Thursday, June 23, 2016

V. 1 #29 The Running Scene in Cincinnati in 1930

The Running Scene in 1930 in Cincinnati

This blog, gotten from a copy of the Spalding Almanac, recaps the status of local running in 1930.

Xavier's Schmidt Fieldhouse was built in 1927 and opened on March 7, 1928 with a win against archrival Cincinnati. At one time it also hosted indoor track meets.

Deer Creek commons was a popular recreational area for many sports, including running on its track. Now I-71 runs through what were their grounds. Eden Park Drive, Gilbert Ave., Reading Road, and Elsinore, just south of the old Baldwin Building, border what was this recreational property.


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  1. I knew Don Wahle had run some good races in college at UC, but it was so much fun to read the details and to run those races vicariously with him. Progress is the goal in all of life and Don surely made progress in so many ways, running included.