Sunday, May 15, 2016

V. 1 #19 You Know You Have Been Running For Quite A While If …

V. 1  #19    You Know You Have Been Running For Quite A While If …

you can remember when Nike waffles were considered "advanced" technology.

you've ever tried Lydiard training or run 100-mile weeks.

you think heart rate monitors, camelbacks, and gels are useless.

you've ever gone on a run, and halfway through decide to add on an extra hour than what you planned, to "get in a little extra".

you did a two-a-day after racing.

you have not read Runners’ World since the 80's.

being called a "road whore" is a compliment to you.

you're not always holding out to peak "next season.

you remember what it was like to run on a track when it was asphalt or even cinders - only later on being able to run on a rubberized surface.

your PRs are at yards or miles distances, not meters.

you remember when Runners’ World was a runner’s magazine.

you remember what analgesic balm smells like.
you remember that Blue Ribbon Sports sold Onitsuka Tiger shoes out of station wagons and car trunks.

you respond to these threads.

you remember that only guy with no hair was Dick Buerkle.

you remember Wide World of Sports covering Track and Field.

you remember TV showing the entire mile and sometimes two-mile races.

you remember TV not replaying the start of a 100-meter race 43 times.

you remember Boston vs. Igor and Thomas vs. Brumel seemingly week after week.

you remember the Soviet distance runners dominating until Gerry beat them at their own tactics.

you remember helping the coach water down and dragging the track.

you remember Tokyo – Hayes, Mills, Schul, Bikila, Gaston, Oerter, and on.

you remember Clarke’s 10k.

that sports drink = H20.

you wondered who is next after Bruce Kidd and Bill Crothers.

track and field fans seemed to be Track AND Field fans – most of track and most of field.

this kind of stuff is interesting.

you remember Denis Fikes, Reggie McAfee, and Tommy Fulton, early 70’s black runners that kicked some rear.

you remember milers Tom Byers and Howell Michael.

you remember Lydiard shoes in 1973.

you remember pre-digital watches.

you remember Women’s T&F News (Vince Reel).

you remember Madeline Manning Mims.

you remember Kip Keino winning the Olympic Steeplechase four years after his Mexico City 1500-meter victory.

you remember cotton, cotton everywhere.

you remember nylon creeping into shorts and shoes in the late 60’s.

you remember Runners’ World Fun Runs.

you remember the Irish lads of East Tennessee State University.

you remember when women didn’t run, much less race.

you remember knowing everybody at the starting line, even at the ‘big’ races.

you remember canvas running shoes, which were like spiked shoes with the spikes removed and no arch supports.

you remember not being worried about pronation, much less knowing what it was.

you remember when ‘Gookinaid’ was the preferred sports drink.

you remember stiff nylon shorts without liners.

you remember having to explain why you ran to other people.

you remember when Runners’ World had a black and white cover and newspaper quality pages.

you remember when everyone carried a stopwatch.

you remember sewing reflective tape on your warm-ups.

you remember patches at races, which people put on their warm-ups.

you remember when there were very few runners over age 40.

this thread is like déjà vu all over again. Again.

Do you have any additions to this list?

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